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Shayne Jansen Demands an Apology from a Tearful Natalie Lee at Reunion

Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion | What Ended Shayne And Natalie | Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion will be available to stream on Netflix March 4.

In the exclusive look at the March 4 reunion of Love Is Blind season 2, Shayne Jansen sheds light on the massive fight that lead to his breakup with fiancée Natalie Lee at the wedding altar.

For those needing a recap, Lee chose to call off their wedding after Jansen said he hated her during a heated argument. But, as Jansen details in this new scene, this angry reaction stemmed from their relationship's pent-up frustrations.

"There was a reason why I got to that point," he shares on the reunion couch. "You're, kind of like, pushing it under the rug and making it seem like—the words that I used, they didn't just come out of nowhere."

As Lee listens to her ex explain his side of things, Jansen accuses Lee of not apologizing for her part in their dissolved romance.

"So, it was 100 percent my fault?" he asks Lee. "I take most of the blame, yes. But you're sitting there saying this and that."

Lee eventually jumps in, explaining that she doesn't blame Jansen for their breakup and that she's aware that the "anger came out from somewhere."

"Obviously, something I've done to you pushed you to that point," she continues. "I don't want it to seem like I'm just blaming it on you and those words came out of nowhere. I know that it came from a place of you being frustrated with me or me making you feel like you weren't enough."

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough for Jansen, as he hit back with,

"So you don't feel bad about anything you've done?"

Though Lee tries to assure Jansen that she's attempting to apologize, her ex still isn't happy, sharing, "It's so tough."

The entire Love Is Blind reunion will be available to stream on Netflix on March 4.

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