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Kim Kardashian Was Gifted a Lock of Marilyn Monroe's Hair

Kim Kardashian Was Gifted a Lock of Marilyn Monroe's Hair
Kim Kardashian on Instagram - Photo by Greg Swales

After wearing the Hollywood icon's gown to the Met Gala, Ripley's Believe It Or Not! revealed that they gifted Kim Kardashian with a lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair.

In an Instagram video, Kardashian was left speechless when she opened the silver box containing the hair clipping.

The reality star shared she lost 16lbs in three weeks to fit into the skin-tight four million dollar dress. The dazzling dress was initially worn by Monroe to serenade US President John F. Kennedy on his birthday.

In the caption, Ripley's also shared how they decorated Kardashian's dressing room to help the look come to life.

"The Ripley's team also filled her Met Gala dressing room with a trove of Marilyn Monroe and JFK memorabilia to help inspire her look."

After opening the box, Kardashian couldn't find the words to share the excitement.

"Oh my God, I'm literally going to do some crazy voodoo s*** and channel her," she joked as she continued to hug others. "This is so special to me. Thank you so much. This is so cool. This is so cool. Wow."
"This is sleeping with me every night. Sorry, babe," she added, addressing boyfriend Pete Davidson, who was off-camera.

Kardashian previously revealed she had planned this outfit since the 2021 gala, which took place last September after being delayed due to COVID-19.

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