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'Wedding Season' Stars Get Candid About Representation in Rom-Coms

'Wedding Season' Stars Talk Representation in Rom-Coms

The charming new movie Wedding Season has blown up on Netflix for its modern take on the pressures that family and society put on marriage. Correspondent Rachel Smith talked to the film's stars, Suraj Sharma and Pallavi Sharda, about how the movie's success elevates representation in romantic comedies.

Sharda shared that she feels a personal connection to the story and is thrilled to see it resonate with such a large audience.

“I think that happens when actors and writers and all crew are given agency and that was one great thing about this film," she said. “We all felt a lot of agency to own the story because it was all of our story in some respect."

The actor cites the diversity of their crew as being integral, particularly the high percentage of women collaborators on set.

"First of all we had a great group of South Asian women and men shooting the film behind and in front of the camera and generally women on set," Sharda continued. "I think it was one of the few spaces where there was a balance in the film industry of voices and that was so encouraged which I think is great.”

Both stars appreciate that while the movie features traditional elements of Indian weddings, such as a signature Bollywood dance, they are portrayed with nuance so to not fall into traditional tropes or stereotypes, providing a modern approach to dating and love that still celebrates family, culture and tradition.

Wedding Season is available to stream on the platform.

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