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Lin-Manuel Miranda Opens Up About The Ending Of 'Hamilton'

Lin-Manuel Miranda Opens Up About The Ending Of 'Hamilton'
Walt Disney Studios

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo

After much debate, LMM is shedding light on the ending of the beloved musical.

Spoilers ahead! Lin Manuel Miranda spilled all the deets on the Hamilton movie and what the ending means (or doesn't mean).

Eliza's Gasp

Lin-Manuel Miranda is Alexander Hamilton and Phillipa Soo is Eliza Hamilton in HAMILTON, the filmed version of the original Broadway production.

Walt Disney Studios

Since Hamilton's release on Disney+ many have debated the ending. After Alexander's death, Eliza Hamilton, played by Phillipa Soo, explains that she has "jumped back in the narrative" and has spent the rest of her 97 year life telling Alexander Hamilton's story and preserving his legacy. At the end of the song, "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story", Alexander and Eliza see each other again. He then walks her to the front of stage and as the lights fade, Eliza gives out a gasp as she looks into the audience.

Many people have debated what this means. Some fans have claimed it's Eliza's final gasp, while others have claimed it's Lin-Manuel Miranda himself showing Eliza what she's done, as people are there to see a musical about his legacy.

All Up To Interpretation

Last Wednesday, Lin-Manuel Miranda finally responded to the debate. Simply stating that it's all up to interpretation and the theory of it being him showing Eliza what she has done "breaks down" as many actors have played the role of Alexander Hamilton since departing the production in July of 2016.

In the end, there's no definitive answer about the final moment of Hamilton, which is now streaming onDisney+.

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