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Fan Reactions From Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande's New Song "Rain On Me"

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Official Music Video)

Some of their biggest superfans are raving about the new pop hit!

Lady Gaga teamed up with fellow pop star, Ariana Grande to debut their new song "Rain On Me" together.

Combining their beautiful vocals, stunning harmonies and the best beats in Hollywood, the song talks about how life can get depressing, but we have to accept the sadness and allow the tears to flow (or rain to fall). The meaning is reminiscent of Grande's hit "No Tears Left To Cry" about allowing the sadness to pass. Despite the song's title being about tears, it has a fun dance vibe to it that puts listeners in a good mood. The female collaboration of two industry alphas has fans wanting more.

"Rain on Me" Is Already Topping Charts

Number 1 on U.K. iTunes, and 50 million views on YouTube are just some of the early accolades for this bop. Since the song is the lovechild of two powerhouse industry icons, these numbers are no surprise. Rightfully, Lady Gaga is feeling extremely grateful.

The Fan Reactions Are In

There's now harmony in a universe where Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga fans can bond over music. On Spotify, Lady Gaga talks about what the song means to her:

"Sometimes I've thought that I've cried so many tears that that's all I was anymore - a fountain for misery to cycle through. I'd rather that not be true, but at least I'm alive. I'm grateful for that. Tears can be teachers if we let them."

Twitter Stans #RainOnMe

This song embodies female empowerment, self love and growth. The music video had the best concept, costumes and cleanest transitions. Many outlets have talked about it being the song of the summer. To brighten up your quarantine or just make your day better, you can listen here.

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