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Kristen Stewart is "Happy" and "Lucky" to be Engaged

Kristen Stewart is "Happy" and "Lucky" to be Engaged

Kristen Stewart revealed in November that she is set to marry screenwriter Dylan Meyer. She recently chatted with Vanity Fair about the engagement.

She said,

"We met years ago and then sort of re-met before the pandemic. And we got engaged — I guess it's still the pandemic, so yes, I guess it's a pandemic engagement."

Stewart even shared details about their small engagement party they had during the pandemic.

"We were kind of moving about the world a little more freely at the time. We did have an engagement party, which was nice and lucky and obviously not something we could have done now so I'm thankful for that."

The actress expressed that she was nervous about working with her fiancé on a new tv show.

"You don't want that to affect this beautiful relationship you have.” Stewart said. Like we discovered a superbrain. She's a really genuinely brilliant f****** screenwriter."

Kristen is happy to be with someone who she truly loves, telling VF,

"I love being engaged. It's different... I just feel so happy and lucky."

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