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TS Madison Paves Her Own Trailblazing Path On 'The TS Madison Experience'

Internet icon... TV personality... authentic queen... all amazing ways to describe the one and only, TS Madison!

'The TS Madison Experience' Premieres On WE tv 🌈

Social media queen, TS Madison, goes beyond the clicks by bringing her humor and confidence to our TV screens!

"This gives me a big opportunity to teach on a bigger scale... and laugh, and love, honey... and throw a whole lot of shade! You know what the girls do," Madison said.

Madison is taking audiences through her personal life and opening up on her childhood as a Black, transgender woman, who grew up in the south.

"I know that I've been living out loud and just doing me and it has really helped others live out loud and be themselves. I'm not afraid of it because I've always been a teacher," Madison said.

Along with teaching, the star is also entertaining fans with her quick wit and promoting the important message of acceptance.

"I want to make sure that the big take away is that we humanize trans people. We respect everyone's individuality and we co-exist together to make a great thing happen," Madison said.

The TS Madison Experience airs Thursday nights on WE tv.

'My Mane Problem' Premieres On ALLBLK 🎬

More representation can also be seen on AMC's new streaming service, ALLBLK.

The streamer just premiered their new make-over docuseries, My Mane Problem.

Celebrity hairstylist, Dr. Boogie, using his skills to help black women find their natural beauty.

"I understand women. I've been doing this for a really long time and I also understand that, when you let yourself go, there was a reason why you let yourself go. They really trust me and I really appreciate that. We have some really tough stories and some things that really amaze me that women came clean about," Dr. Boogie said.

My Mane Problem is streaming now on ALLBLK.

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