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Kris Jenner on How She Feels About Her Children Having Kids Outside of Marriage


In a recent conversation with Martha Stewart, Kris Jenner opened up about her thoughts on her kids having children outside of marriage.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch has six children, five of which got pregnant prior to or without getting married.

Jenner told Stewart on her iHeartRadio Podcast that she doesn't "judge."

"They could throw anything at me, and I'm here for them. They know that. There's nothing that I would judge," Jenner said. "Not at all. I mean, I just never would."

The question arose while Jenner was discussing her marriage to her late husband, Robert Kardashian.

"I had Kourtney nine months, two weeks and two days later... I promise I got pregnant on my honeymoon. You know, those were the days where—I'm very old-fashioned," she said.

Stewart then asked for Jenner's thoughts on her children's premarital choices.

"When your girls are going out and getting pregnant with men who are not their husbands... You've evolved, haven't you?"

The "Kardashians" star responded,

"I guess so. I get more and more understanding. I get what this generation—and I have so many generations now in my family—I guess there's such a big age difference."

You can catch the full conversation here.

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