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Kanye West Accepts Election Loss, Looks To 2024

Kanye West Accepts Election Loss, Looks To 2024

Kanye West

Kanye West has lost the 2020 Presidential election.

It was back in 2016 when musical artist Kanye West announced his presidential campaign and that 2020 vision has come to an end. West has conceded from the 2020 Presidential election and has begun to look to 2024.

When Kanye first announced is run for presidency in 2020, he faced a wide range of feedback. Some found it to be a joke, others wondered about the possibility, and some even supported the idea. His current position of having no political experience was a serious criticism of the artist. Yet, come argued Donald Trump also had no serious governing experience prior to his presidency.

For this year's election, Kanye was successful in getting himself onto official ballots in a few states. Anyone who wanted to vote for him elsewhere could write in his name.

After all, that's what Kanye did...

This year, Kanye West voted for the first time:

In the video posted to twitter, the candidate showed off the submission of his ballot which was completely blank expect for the small space where he had written his own name.

Less than a day after the polls closed, it was clear Kanye would not be winning.

Rather than discussing the loss or how his campaign came to be, he simply tweeted an image captioned "Kanye 2024" expressing his intent on running again.

Many Americans were curious to see how his wife Kim Kardashian would vote as she never publicly endorsed her husband during his run.

Kim encouraged everyone to perform their civil duty

While Kim K. never publicly endorsed either Biden nor Trump, she did retweet a post from Vice President candidate Kamala Harris yesterday.

As for Kanye's future plans, you can tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight where he will appear as a guest on the show.

Kimmel has been giving commentary the past 24 hours and will likely continue on his show:

Twitter users also had some strong commentary about Kanye's loss...

This user pointed out how sad Kanye looked

Another pointed out the news didn't even pull an image of him

Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight for the exclusive interview with Kanye West.

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Quintin Walker

QuintinWalker is a senior journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Phoenix, AZ.

QuintinWalker is a senior journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School in Phoenix, AZ.