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Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa's daughter Jessica has made it onto the U.S.A. Olympic Equestrian Team for show jumping.

This is a huge accomplishment for the 29-year-old as she is the youngest on the Olympic team and has accomplished quite a bit for her age in the sport (29 is young by equestrian standards). The other members, Kent Farrington and Mclain Ward, are in their 40's while Laura Kraut is in her 50's.

Springsteen's Olympic Announcement

Springsteen has a good chance at earning the gold medal as she is ranked 27th in the world and the U.S. Olympic team has a solid track record in the event; the team won gold in 2004 and 2008 and won silver in 2016.

Springsteen has always drawn attention in the sport despite her ranking. The equestrian world is very limited due to the sheer amount of wealth needed to be successful. British royalty competed in the event in the 1976 and 2012, and former NYC mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg's daughter is also heavily involved in the sport.

Springsteen's custom-made Parlanti boots with built-in magnets, purchase of a prize-winning horse, and big show wins have brought her more attention than others, besides the fact that her parents are music legends. The horse that she earned her spot on the team with is named Don Juan Van De Donkehoeve which is very funny because the other horses have simple names like Gazelle, Contagious, and Baloutinue.

Check in to the equestrian portion of the Tokyo Olympics on August 3-7 to see the young equestrian make her parents and her country proud!

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