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New Interview: Joey Lawrence Talks All-New Shark Thriller 'Swim'

Something's in the water! Hollywood star Joey Lawrence gave our Arthur Kade the scoop on Tubi's all-new shark thriller Swim!

Just keep swimming! Star Joey Lawrence sat down with our Hollywood insider Arthur Kade to talk about his biting new role.

You'll want to dive deeper to hear the latest details about Joey Lawrence's exciting new role! Along with celebrating his new film, the star also just announced his engagement to long-time partner, photographer Betsy Newman.

August is Shark Month on the streaming service Tubi, and part of the fun is the new shark thriller Swim starring none other than seasoned Hollywood actor, Joey Lawrence.

In the new film Swim, Lawrence and his family are trapped in their flooded vacation rental when an unexpected house guest shows up.

"It's really cool, I haven't done a shark movie before. Instead of Shark Week, they're doing Shark Month called Bite Fest. It's just going to be fun. They have 70 shark movies in their library and it's going to culminate with their first original movie which is called Swim," said Lawrence.

Swim is from the creators of Sharknado.

"Yes it's from the Sharknado guys, but those movies suspended belief. They were almost more of a spoof shark movie, where you had flying sharks and things. This [movie] is much more grounded. It's still entertaining and fun, but it's more along the lines of Jaws," shared Lawrence.

Lawrence is best known for his roles in a variety of popular sitcoms such as Joey and Melissa, Blossom, andGimme a Break. Lawrence told us that recently, one of these shows in particular has mentioned the possibility of a reboot.

"There's been a lot of Blossom talk. I know that it's just a matter of finding a way back in [and] revisiting all these characters that makes everybody happy. So, I'm down. I don't know what the future brings, but it's possible," said Lawrence.

Swim is available to stream now on Tubi.

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