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Jonathan Bennett And Jaymes Vaughan Reveal More About Their Wedding Plans

Jonathan Bennett And Jaymes Vaughan Reveal More About Their Wedding Plans

Advocate Channel's very own Jaymes Vaughan and 'Mean Girls' star Jonathan Bennett have always done things their own way and that of course does not exclude their upcoming wedding!

Actor Jonathan Bennett and Advocate Channel co-host Jaymes Vaughan have been engaged for a few months and have revealed their wedding will be anything but ordinary.

A New Type of Wedding Plans

Bennett and Vaughan took the place as the first LGBTQ+ couple on the cover of The Knot. Breaking from tradition is the theme of this couple, never complying to the "normal" or conventional ways of living.

Bennett sat down with PEOPLE and stated,

"We're breaking away from tradition a bit, because what's the point? It's your wedding. You can do whatever you want. There are no rules. We only think there are rules."

Bennett goes on to describe the two's big day stating there will be no groomsmen or best men, just people they absolutely love. The two will also be seeing each other on their wedding day with Bennett stating,

"The other tradition we're skipping is not seeing each other on our wedding day. He's my best friend. If I don't see him before the wedding, who am I going to talk to? As much as we are fiancés, we're best friends first."

Vaughan pointed out that the most important aspect of any wedding is family, something they hope to build together. Vaughan told PEOPLE,

"We need each other because we know what the other needs. The whole point is to spend so much time together as a family and then leave as an even bigger family."

An Iconic Proposal

As if these two couldn't get any cuter, Vaughan wrote the two their own love song that blasted as Vaughan got on one knee to propose in November of 2020. Bennett says he knew he was being proposed to as the sign Vaughan wrote for him was similar to the one when Vaughan first told Bennett he loved him.

The two owners of the LGBTQ+ inclusive travel company OUTbound Travel & Adventure can't wait to get married and we wish them nothing but the absolute best!

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