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A Advocate Channel Love Story: How Jaymes Vaughan And Jonathan Bennett Met

A Advocate Channel Love Story: How Jaymes Vaughan And Jonathan Bennett Met

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Over four years ago, CPTV Host Jaymes Vaughan and actor Jonathan Bennett were laughing at pumpkins while doing an interview. Today, they're engaged!

As a BIG congratulations to both Jaymes and Jonathan, we here at Advocate Channel want to do a bit of a rewind and take you back to watch their love story from the very beginning...

Watch their journey:

The pair met over four years ago while Jonathan was promoting his show Halloween Wars. Since then, the Mean Girls and now Hallmark star returned for more appearances.

It wasn't long before the two were official!

Four years later, Jaymes finally popped the question in the most heart-touching way. As a couple, they never found their "song," so naturally, Jaymes wrote and recorded one.

A few weeks ago, Jonathan walked into the backyard (family members behind him) expecting to take some holiday photos. What he found was the moment that would begin the rest of their lives together.

With Jaymes on one knee and Jonathan freaking out, the proposal was a success! Jaymes told us:

"It was months of planning and a lot of 'I've gotta run an errand real quick' and then taking care of things."

Keeping everything a secret was no easy task!

"Cause you know, I wrote an entire song for this. And not only did I write the song, but I had to then record the song and deal with all the instrumentalists and producers and everything that were putting this together. And somehow, we managed to pull it off- songs, rings, family...everything. It was actually a surprise and until that moment he walked out and saw me holding a sign he had no idea what was going on."

Along with writing a song, Jaymes teamed up with Kay Jewelers to design a pair of engagement rings that he hopes will. inspire other LGBTQ+ engagements. Diamonds line the edge on one side of the ring which will be turned to face themselves on their wedding day.

Get a closer look on Instagram!

We can't wait to continue following Jonathan and Jaymes as they count down the days until they both say "I do!" This is one wedding we cant wait to see!

Congratulations, guys!

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