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'Queer Eye' Karamo Brown Is Getting His Own Talk Show

'Queer Eye' Karamo Brown Is Getting His Own Talk Show

The "culture" expert is joining the ranks of daytime television!

Karamo Brown is taking over daytime television!

The "Queer Eye" culture expert has been a guest-host on "Maury" several times in the show's past two seasons. Now, NBC has rightly decided he needs his own show. Brown is officially the host of his own talk show to premiere in Fall 2022. In a statement about the decision, NBC shared,

"Karamo has done an incredible job guest hosting Maury many times over the past two seasons. Karamo is a true fan of the genre who will bring that passion, along with his unique skill set and life experiences to guide his guests through life’s dramatic crossroads and build a lasting connection with the daytime audience."

The network has big plans for the new show, as they claim Brown brings an energy unlike any other. They continued,

"'Karamo' is the next generation of compelling relationship-based talk, with a truly special host and we are so happy to offer this show to our station partners across the country."

Longtime fan of the genre, Brown couldn't be more thrilled. He expressed his excitement in his own statement, saying,

"Growing up, hosting a daytime talk show seemed unrealistic and unattainable, but it was my dream. I used to run home from school as a kid to watch this genre's icons Sally, Donahue and Maury."

Brown's dreams became a reality with NBC's latest decision. Now, he says his goal is to connect with people. He explains,

"My biggest goal is to help, and connect with, people from all walks of life. As a Black, gay man of first-generation immigrants, opportunities for my goals seemed impossible so I want to thank everyone involved for believing in me and trusting me to explore all the highs and lows of life and celebrate with their audiences. We are all taking this journey together, so let’s start talking and growing."

According to NBC's statement, "Karamo" will explore subjects such as "infidelity, race, parenting, and complex family dynamics" with the host's "enthusiastic, charismatic, and fresh voice" as the driving force behind the series. The show will even have a studio audience that will play a major role in the show as they offer "outrageous audience opinions" and "probing questions" for the guests.

No official release date is scheduled, but "Karamo" will air on networks across the country beginning Fall 2022.

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