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How 'Jeopardy!' Is Protecting Alex Trebek During The COVID-19 Pandemic

How 'Jeopardy!' Is Protecting Alex Trebek During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The new guidelines will bring America's favorite quiz show back

The 37th season of Jeopardy! is here! The premiere marks the 1st gameshow to be back since the coronavirus outbreak.

Alex Trebek

In March 2019, longtime host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek revealed he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Luckily Trebek is in great spirits and is fighting off the disease.

With the new season amid a pandemic comes new protocols to protect Trebek during this time, as he is the most at-risk. In a statement, Trebek spoke on the new season and the coronavirus:

"I feel good, and I feel excited because once again JEOPARDY! has demonstrated that it's at the forefront of television programming, I believe we are the first quiz show to come back on the air in the COVID-19 era. On a personal level, I'm excited because it gets me out of the house. It gives me something to do on a regular basis, and I was missing that."

On Monday, longtime contestant and now producer of the show, Ken Jennings spoke with GMA about the new guidelines:

"The thing you'll notice for COVID is that the individual contestant podiums, the lecterns, are now socially distanced; they're feet apart instead of being a single bank and Trebek will stay at the host podium instead of coming over to the contestants because Alex's health is priority No. 1."

The guidelines include: contestants will now be socially distant, Trebek will not walk over to the guests, and intense cleaning will take place between contestants.

To watch Jeopardy!, check your local listings.

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