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The Cast Of Marvel's 'Helstrom' Unveils New Details On The Thrilling Series

Advocate Channel was able to sit down with 'Helstrom' stars Sydney Lemmon and Tom Austen, as they discussed the new Marvel series and its release during the Halloween season.

Sydney Lemmon and Tom Austen star in Marvel's Helstromas the Helstrom siblings, who attempt to track down and stop the evils of humanity.

Sydney Lemmon as Ana Helstrom 🌟

Sydney Lemmon has appeared in HBO's Succession and was nominated for a Saturn Award for her role as Isabelle in Fear the Walking Dead.

Lemmon will be playing Ana Helstrom, sister of Daimon Helstrom in the new Marvel series.

Lemmon describes Ana as a complicated character with a dark past,

"She's seeking out people who are like her father and doing what she can to stop them."

Many may think of Ana as the villain, however Lemmon believes,

"She's very justified and knows the reason behind everything that she's doing."

Tom Austen as Daimon Helstrom 🌟

Tom Austen is known for his role as Jasper Frost in The Royals and Guy Hopkins on Grantchester.

Austen will be playing Daimon Helstrom, brother of Ana Helstrom in the new Marvel series.

Austen is very excited for this series, as he feels it's something the audience has never seen Marvel do before. Austen telling us:

"The show's been able to spread its wings and do something new and exciting that hasn't been seen in Marvel before, which is this kind of supernatural, horror space."

The Helstrom Siblings

Daimon Helstrom was first introduced to Marvel comics as the son of Satan in Ghost Rider (1973) and became a recurring character in The Defenders. His sister Satana, who is known as Ana in the series, embraces their dark heritage, while Daimon aims to help mankind.

The first season acts as the reunion of the Helstrom siblings, while also focusing on the rehabilitation of their mother, Victoria Helstrom (Elizabeth Marvel), who was institutionalized after being possessed.

Helstrom came out during the Halloween season which Sydney Lemmon finds fitting. She warns audiences that as the season progresses, the series does get scarier.

Helstrom will follow the lives of the Helstrom siblings as they deal with their chilling past and use their experience to prevent further evil.

Helstrom is available for viewing on Hulu.

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