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Rising Star: Farrah Mackenzie Talks New CBS Series 'United States of Al'

Rising Star: Farrah Mackenzie Talks New CBS Series 'United States of Al' | Celebrity Page

Starring Adhir Kalyan and Parker Young, United States of Al is breaking boundaries with its representation of Afghan culture.

United States of Al follows an interpreter from Afghanistan who comes to live with the family of an American veteran he helped during the war.

Actress Farrah Mackenzie provided more context to the show's core themes.

"It's about their friendship and how Riley helps Al on his way to the U.S. [He] invites him into our home and into our family and Al gets to learn new things about the American culture, while we get to learn new things about the Afghan culture. It's really enlightening for me, because I'm not used to that, and it's really nice to know some of their culture and their rules and it's really fun," Mackenzie said.

As a star on the rise, Mackenzie shared her incredible experience while working on set.

"I'm really excited for everyone to get to see what we've been working on in these past few months and I'm excited for the audience to get to laugh with us and share these exciting moments with us."

At the crisp age of 15, Mackenzie has already made her mark on the big screen, starring in Amazon Prime Video's Utopiaand as Sadie Logan in Lucky Logan.

"I just love doing it. It's so much fun for me. It's like not even work. It's just fun."

United States of Al airs Thursday nights on CBS.

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