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Rising Star: Titus Makin Talks New Season Of 'The Rookie'

The Rookie is back on ABC for its third season and one of the stars is on the rise!

Titus Makin is shining on screen as Jackson West in the upcoming third season of The Rookie on ABC.

The series returns for a groundbreaking season that'll put police brutality and injustice at the forefront.

"We're attacking all the issues really head on. ABC's giving us permission to not be shy about it," Makin said.

Titus' Starring Role On ABC 📺

The cop drama is directly putting police controversies in the thick of the plot, with the #BlackLivesMatter movement taking over the LAPD in season three.

"We want that inside look as the conversations happening behind the scenes, between two black cops that are dealing with things on the streets, or the confrontation that would happen if you need to confront a cop who is racially profiling people on the streets. What would it look like behind the scenes between cops policing themselves?" Makin said.

As the world continues to grow, Makin's character, Jackson West, also grows exponentially.

"We've seen him kind of go through this maturing phase and now... he's at a point where he's manning up. He's standing his ground. He's standing up for what is right."

Titus Hopping On The Mic As Butterfly Ali 🎤

Makin has also been hitting the studio with new music to be released in 2021!

In October, he released the song, "Pray For 'Em" and plans on hitting the studio for fans to enjoy upcoming new singles.

"I started in music. Music is my through line. I finally have like had time to get back to it. Butterfly Ali has a lot of new songs."

A star on the rise! You can watch Titus on the new season of The Rookie starting tonight on ABC.

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