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Exclusive: Anya Taylor-Joy Unpacks Elitism in The Menu

Anya Taylor-Joy
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Anya Taylor-Joy and the cast of The Menu fill in The Advocate Channel on the progressive messages in the film.

New blockbuster The Menu recently hit theaters, leaving audiences with deep, progressive messages to chew on.

The film follows a young couple who visits an exclusive restaurant on a private island where an acclaimed chef has prepared an extravagant feast, along with some shocking surprises.

The cast of The Menu recently told Tracy E. Gilchrist of Advocate Today about the politics of the movie, and why it was important to frame it around food.

"Food is is a necessity for everyone. Everyone needs food," Aimee Carrero, who plays Felicity, explains. "And yet in this context, it's been elevated to such a degree that only a certain class of people can have this kind of food. And it's become so out of touch for the masses. I thought it was so smart to deliver this message on the back of dining because we all have to eat. And so even our most basic necessity can be commodified."


"The whole movie is kind of about elite athleticism and snobbery," John Leguizamo adds. "It's about keeping people out."

Star of the film Anya Taylor-Joy (Margot Mills) believes that The Menu captures a the struggle between lower and upper classes in society, while also being a critique of industries from art to business.

"The whole thing with the 'haves', and the 'have-nots," Taylor-Joy explains. "For the 'have nots', there's a massive resentment. Specifically in this industry, it's because they're pouring so much love into what they do. And the 'haves' in this particular film are so blinded by their entire privilege, and yet they're not there for the right reasons. They're there to boast, they're there to flaunt their privilege to other people. They're not there to enjoy the food."

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