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Esera Tuaolo is making his voice heard once again!

The LGBTQ Activist, former pro-football player and 'The Voice' alum is holding his 4th Annual "Hate Is Wrong" Inclusion Party, in celebration of the Super Bowl.

Due to the pandemic, the panel and party will be held virtually, but Tuaolo assures us it will still be a great time. He said:

Tuaolo said:

"...February 5th, we're having the panel, where we bring in panelists from around the country, talking diversity inclusion, racial diversity, transphobia and a whole lot more. I'm super excited about that.

The party will be held on February 6th, and will feature a variety of incredible performances.. and even a DJ!

Tuaolo said:

"Shawn Hooks is coming back to perform with us. Lillie McCloud...she's performing... I mean, the list goes on."

All the money raised will be donated to diversity centers and anti-bullying organizations. You can attend Tuaolo's inclusion panel and party February 6th, starting at 8 pm ET. Head to inclusionparty.com for more information.

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