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Drake Files Restraining Order Against "Stalker" After Receiving Death Threats

Drake Files Restraining Order Against "Stalker" After Receiving Death Threats
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Drake has filed a restraining order against his longtime stalker, who has previously threatened him and his 4-year-old son.

A woman by the name of Mesha Collins has allegedly been stalking Drake and sending him death threats. He claims that he does not know the woman. He said,

"Ms. Collins is a stalker. I have no relationship whatsoever with her... She has sent messages saying she wishes me dead, and that I should shoot myself and my son with a bullet."

Drake also claims that the woman's behavior has caused him emotional harm, sharing:

"As a result of Ms. Collins' harassment and obsession with me, I have suffered and continue to suffer emotional distress and am concerned for my safety and that of my family."

Collins was arrested and found guilty of trespassing after breaking into the rapper's home in 2017. She has continued to exhibit dangerous behavior towards Drake since then.

Last August, she filed a defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit against Drake. The complaint was dismissed as the judge found Drake "has not demonstrated any of [Drake]'s statements were about [her] or that he used her identity, name, or likeness in his Instagram posts or endorsements," Billboard reported.

He has now filed for a restraining order which prohibits Collins from contacting him or coming within 100 yards of himself, his son, his parents, and his lawyer.

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