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Dr. Anthony Fauci and Stephen Curry Talk COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Stephen Curry Talk COVID-19
Dr. Anthony Fauci and Stephen Curry


In a new episode of Stephen Curry's Youtube series 'State of Inspiration,' Curry interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci on the pandemic, steps going forward, and the influence of basketball.

In this episode of State of Inspiration with Steph Curry, Dr. Anthony Fauci touches on a various amount of topics ranging from his raising in basketball to what individuals can hope for in the upcoming months in relation to Covid-19.

Baller Fauci

In his interview with Curry, Dr. Fauci describes the influence of basketball and sports in his life. He praises sports for teaching him teamwork and perseverance, which he hails has essential to the medical and scientific fields.

Tell it How it is

Curry goes on to interview Dr. Fauci on his mentality that you have to always be truthful. Curry asks Dr. Fauci what encourages him to be truthful, especially in a time like this, when people have a very narrow mindset on what they want to hear.

Fauci answers,

"You've got to always be speaking the truth and not be telling people what they want to hear."

Fauci goes on to explain that it is very tempting to tell people what they want to hear, but not productive in the long-term scheme of things. During the outbreak of the pandemic, many just wanted to know that everything would be okay and that a vaccine would be produced immediately.

However, these were more of hopeful dreams than reality. Fauci strongly believes that the second you have the evidence and scientific facts to support you, you need to aware the public of the honest truth and the severity of it. Fauci believes this is the only way to help humanity, in the long-term.

Vaccine Coming Soon

Dr. Anthony Fauci

'State of Inspiration'

Fauci explains to Curry that individuals are going to want to go into winter in the best shape.

Dr. Fauci then explains that there will be a vaccine in November, December, or early 2021 that will first available to the vulnerable, then the healthcare workers, and then virtually anyone who wants it.

Effect of Covid-19 on Minority Groups

Curry asks Dr. Fauci on the effect of Covid-19 to minority groups. Fauci states that the major component to this statistic is the social determinants for these minority groups. The first step is to spread awareness on the jarring statistic that minority groups are more likely to attract the virus, due to socioeconomics and various other social determinants.

Fauci states that the health of an individual should not be the result of these issues and the first step in approaching this issue is spreading awareness.

Practice Public Safety Measures

Stephen Curry and Under Armour Campaign


Towards the end of the interview, Curry asks Fauci on his predictions of normalcy in the upcoming months, including the necessity of masks in the future.

Fauci explains that until a highly effective vaccine is proven, in addition to the constant implementation of public safety measures, individuals should continue wearing masks in public. In fact, Fauci states that until the level of infection goes down to the point of irrelevancy, individuals should still be cautious of their actions.

As Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in this interview with Stephen Curry,

"You want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Therefore, continue practicing public safety measures. This includes avoiding crowds, wearing masks, keeping distance, and washing hands.

This is an unprecedented time for the world and we can only get through it with the help of one another.

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