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Baron Davis & David Arquette Team Up To Create New Movie

First time feature film director Baron Davis has a new comedy with Snoop Dogg and David Arquette. Check out our Hollywood Insider's new interview!

Former NBA star turned director Baron Davis along with actor David Arquette spoke with our very own Arthur Kade to give us a preview of their new film, Domino: Battle of the Bones.

Domino: Battle of the Bones stars the legendary Snoop Dogg and the one and only David Arquette in this comedy full of rivalry, humor, and a whole lot of dominoes.

The film is set in the world of competitive domino playing, and is directed by former NBA player-turned-filmmaker Baron Davis.

In 2005, Davis got started in the entertainment industry as an executive producer for the film Asylum. While battling his basketball injuries, Davis was an executive producer for the films Autopsy in 2008 and The Pool Boys in2009, as well as the 2009 documentary Crips and Bloods: Made in America.

Davis battled multiple injuries during his time as a star basketball player, before his NBA career came to an end in 2012. After retiring as an NBA player, Davis began to focus full-time on his entertainment career.

Domino: Battle of the Bones is his feature directorial debut. Davis said about his passion for film-making:

"I really want to make movies, T.V. shows, make people laugh, [you know] make people have different feelings and tell different stories."

Davis shared with fans an Instagram photo of him attending his new movie's premiere:

Davis and Arquette met through Arquette's daughter when she interviewed to get into a school where Davis was on the board. Being a big fan of Arquette, the two struck up an exciting new friendship and teamed up for this movie.

Arquette also posted an Instagram photo of his character in the movie sporting a striped tie and glasses:

Arquette shared with us about the world of domino-playing that the film brings to light:

"It's really fun, it's a world of just trash talk, just hanging out but having fun [and] trying to beat the people that are better at it than you."

Arquette also added with a laugh:

"It's my wife's favorite film! She's shown no interest in my acting career up to this point, and she saw this and she's watched it like 4 times. She loves it."

Domino: Battle of the Bones is in theaters now, and will be available to stream on all major platforms July 20.

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