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Colin Jost Discusses Married Life, SNL, and 'Tom and Jerry' With Seth Meyers

Colin Jost sat down with 'Late Night' host Seth Meyers to talk about Covid weddings, the lack of SNL after parties, and his new film 'Tom and Jerry' which he jokingly predicts may do better than wife Scarlett Johansson's 'Black Widow.'

Comedians Colin Jost and Seth Meyers are longtime Saturday Night Live (1975-) pals, having written alongside one another for years. The two caught up on Late Night With Seth Meyers (2014-) discussing Jost's personal and professional endeavors.

Not Your Typical Marriage Story

Colin Jost recently got married to Oscar nominated and Tony Award winning actress Scarlett Johansson. The two confirmed their engagement back in May 2019, but have kept the details of their relationship as low-key as possible.

The Emmy Award nominated writer goes on to describe the weirdness of marrying during a pandemic, telling Seth Meyers,

"It's all very strange to get married because part of marriage is obviously sort of entering society as a couple, you know? It's like the traditional idea of marriage, so instead it's like, just again, everything happening in a vaccum."

The Weekend Update host goes on to explain how may friends couldn't make it to the ceremony and it's been far from the usual marriage story.

Not Your Typical SNL Either

Saturday Night Live is on its fifth consecutive week, with host and musical guest Nick Jonas. Meyers asks Jost how weird it is for the Co-Head Writer to just go home after the live show, rather than celebrate at the after party per pre-Covid times.

Jost replies,

"It's very strange. The first part is there's no energy backstage, so when you get off, if you feel like things went great or that you felt they went horribly, either way there's nothing when you walk into like a wall of silence. Normally you'd see, you know, whatever, Adam Levine's there and he's like, 'What's up, man? Good job.'"

Tom and Jerry Face the Black Widow

Apart from SNL, Jost also stars as Ben in Warner Bro's Tom and Jerry (2021). While discussing his and Johansson's abnormal dating timeline, with the two having to go to London right after their engagement and not celebrating with loved ones, Jost pegs his and his wife's films against one another.

"We got engaged and then immediately went to London. I went to film 'Tom and Jerry' and Scarlett went to film 'Black Widow,' we'll see which one ends up being the bigger hit."

Indeed, we will.

Tom and Jerry comes out in theaters and on HBO Max February 26 and Marvel's Black Widow is set to premiere May 7 on Disney+.

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