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All Things 'Bachelor' And Matt James: Sneak Peek Of The New Season

We're sharing everything ahead for the new season!

With one Bachelorette season ending and the newest Bachelor season around the corner, we've got a lot to cover.

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are engaged! Two Bachelorettes and a whole lot of drama later, the season has come to an end, and Adams has picked the man of her dreams. In the finale, she told Clark:

"...I'm ready to start a life with you. But also, I love you Zac Clark, and I'll do absolutely anything to keep that huge smile on your face because you do everything to keep a huge smile on mine."

Clark reciprocated by saying,

"The other night when we were talking, you spoke about this idea of someone choosing you. And I can't picture another day, another moment, without you in my life. And if you let me, I'm going to choose your right now. I'm going to choose you tomorrow morning. I'm going to choose you next week, and next year. I'm going to choose you forever."

Is that some Nicholas Sparks sort-of-content, or what? Sadly, the beginning of one relationship means the end of another. Adams said goodbye to Ben Smith for a final time, after eliminating him after hometowns-- and later bringing him back. She told Smith,

"I care about you so much. I just feel like my heart is with somebody else."

Though Adams has finished her Bachelor journey, Matt James is just gearing up for his. ABC released the official trailer for the new Bachelor season, and it's everything we could have hoped for.

Matt James' Season Sneak Peek - The Bachelor

The preview gave us a sneak peek at all of the drama... and love, of course. (Because that is why we watch, right?) One contestant said:

"I have potentially found the person who is going to change the world with me."

Another told him:

"I definitely could see myself falling in love with you."

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows, of course. This is The Bachelor, after all...which means lots of catfights are ahead. The women are, as one contestant put it, "going to war for Matt's heart."

One girl said:

In this house, there are no secrets.

Another girl revealed one of those "secrets," saying:

"She may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men."

Will it be the most dramatic season yet? Only time will tell!

You can catch the new season of The Bachelor on Monday, Jan 4 on ABC.

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