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Amanda Bynes Accuses Fiancé of Drug Use and Putting Salmon Under Bed

Amanda Bynes Accuses Fiancé of Drug Use and Putting Salmon Under Bed

Amanda Bynes has some staggering allegations against her fiancé, Paul Michael.

The actress took to Instagram late Wednesday night to share the events that took place when he called the police to their home after an argument between the couple.

Bynes claimed that Michael "had stopped taking his medications" and was using drugs in secret. She also said she went through his phone and found disturbing pornographic material. She alleged,

"I looked at his phone, and he was looking at mom-and-son porn. He vandalized his mom’s home. He broke all of her pictures and put salmon under her bed."

She noted how concerning his actions were, adding,

"His behavior’s alarming, and I’m afraid of what he’ll do.”

Bynes said she had found his "stash of crack cocaine," and accused him of "using for the past six months." She ended the video,

“He needs serious help. I kicked him out of my house."

Michael responded on his own Instagram that he didn't know "what the f*** she's talking about" before deleting all his posts.

The pair reportedly had a fight at their home that led to Michael calling the police around 2:30 a.m. He told the dispatcher he and Bynes had a verbal dispute, and that she had taken his Adderall. Bynes has long fought with substance abuse, with Adderall being at the center of her addiction struggles. Michael claimed she kicked him out of the house, but that he waited outside until law enforcement arrived.

Neither Bynes nor Michael have further commented on the dispute, but an attorney for Bynes shared,

"Amanda and Paul had an argument Wednesday evening. Amanda left her home, where Paul has been residing, for her safety before the situation escalated. She was not there when police arrived. Amanda is now back home and denies Paul's claims of taking his medication. She remains focused on her well-being."

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