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Natalie Maines Talks The Chicks' New Album "Gaslighter"

Natalie Maines Talks The Chicks' New Album "Gaslighter"

The Chicks

Between changing their name and coming out with a new album, The Chicks have been very busy this year! Lead vocalist of the famous trio, Natalie Maines, sat down with Howard Stern on Sirius XM's The Howard Stern Show to talk all about their new album Gaslighter!

The Chick's Album "Gaslighter" And More!

The Chicks, formerly known as The Dixie Chicks, changed their name in late June amid Black Lives Matter protests. When the name change was brought up during Natalie Maines interview with Howard Stern, she says:

"Dixie made us uncomfortable at a certain point, but we also didn't feel like it was representative of us—we're not from Dixie. It was just sort of a word. I didn't think about all the history behind it, or how the word came to be, or how it might make Black people feel. Our name wasn't any sort of statement, but changing it was a statement."

Not only did The Chicks go through changes as a group, but they also went through changes in their personal lives. Maines went through a divorce, which inspired some of their music. She tells Stern about the songwriting process and what it means to her:

"Everyone is drawing from their own lives when they're, you know, contributing lyrics or whatever. But yes, I was definitely the one 'going through it' at the time. As far as the relationship songs go, in our minds, the way we laid it out on the record, is that it kind of takes you through a journey. You know, all the feelings of divorce, it's not all pain. I think what it is, is raw. We were writing it in real time... I was writing it from my perspective as I was going through it in real time."

The Chicks' newest album 'Gaslighter' is now available on multiple streaming services! To listen to the entire interview with Natalie Maines on The Howard Stern Show, click here.

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