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A New Generation of Drag Stars

A New Generation of Drag

This Pride Month sees young Drag Queen Vinessa Shimmer leading the way and inspiring others.

There's a new generation of drag stars ready to take over! Discovery+ series "Generation Drag" highlights the journeys of five young performers and their families. Vinny, also known as "Vinessa Shimmer" chatted with Pride Today's Stephen Walker about taking the stage!

At just eight years old, Vinny entered the world of drag, and now, he's a performing veteran!

"The best part of being a performer is getting to go on stage and see all the different kinds of people out in the crowd," Vinny shared. "There's loads of people who are happy to see me, and there are loads of people who are figuring themselves out while watching me."

Starring on the new six-episode series, Vinny believes "Generation Drag" will serve as inspiration for other kids struggling to understand who they are.

"I think 'Generation Drag' is definitely going to help them cope with problems they have. I know there are a lot of drag kids that have struggled because they didn’t know that there were other drag kids out there. This show is going to help other kids realize that they’re not alone."

Kids are given that same safe space through an annual event called "Dragutante," which grants young LGBTQ+ artists a platform to express themselves.

"It’s a chance to let kids be happy and expressive and feel safe and out," Vinny shared.

And to those struggling in their process of self-discovery, Vinny offered a few words of advice: "Keep pushing through it. Next time you fall, just keep getting back up."

You can watch "Generation Drag," available on Discovery+.

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