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'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Expands Cast To Include More Diversity

The Walking Dead is breaking barriers through its new show with a widely diverse cast.

For today's Equality Spotlight, we talked to the stars of The Walking Dead: World Beyond - a new spinoff series from The Walking Dead series. The show dives into the story of a group of teenagers that are sheltered from the dead living outside their safe zone.

A New World In TWD Universe 🌍

What's even better about the new spinoff is that the characters represent a wide, diverse variety of young actors, including two female minorities that play the main roles. One of these characters is played by Aliyah Royale, who told us:

"We're coming at you with the equality, the diversity, everything that you want to see on your TV today, we have it. From the start, 'World Beyond' has been all about just telling real stories with the people who are right to tell them."

Although it revolves around the story of a group of teenagers, the show was made to have the characters be relatable to all age groups, even adults. Alexa Mansour, who plays the role of Hope Bennett, said:

"I hate using this word, but they're so relatable - you know, like, I feel like even adults or young adults can watch them and see them and be like, okay, I kind of get what they're going through."

One of the biggest equality spotlights of the show is Nico Tortorella, who plays a gay character and also identifies as gender-fluid. Nico expressed their thoughts on the subject:

"The only binary that exists in our world is dead and alive. Everything else kind of goes away - and imagine if that is a world that we could live in, where we didn't see everyone as different or what they look like or who they love."

Be sure to watch The Walking Dead: World Beyond to see this diverse cast in action every Sunday on AMC.

To learn more about Aliyah, Alexa and Nico, check them out on all social media. You can even check out their side projects, including Alexa Mansour's latest single, here.

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