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Inauguration Show Stopper: Who Is Amanda Gorman?

A look at the 22 year old who became America's favorite poet in a matter of five minutes.

During Joe Biden's inauguration, we had been graced by the likes of the Obamas, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez on our television screens, and yet, one face stood out above all the rest. A young woman most of us had never heard of, Amanda Gorman, graced our screens with a live reading of her poem, "The Hill We Climb". But, who exactly is she?


Well, to be frank, she isn't short on accomplishments. The Los Angeles based poet became the first person to ever be named Youth Poet Laureate at the age of nineteen, a position of esteem given to one skilled in the art of poetry advocating for social justice and committed to advocacy. So, it won't surprise you that she's also an accomplished activist, campaigning for social justice and, among other things, writing a tribute to black athletes for Nike. She has one book of poetry published as well as two children's books, and has stated she plans to run for President in 2036. She also met Oprah in 2020, an accomplishment in itself, while performing a commencement speech on John Krasinski's quarantine staple, Some Good News Today.

Her Inauguration Performance

Her appearance at the inauguration came at the express recommendation of Dr. Biden herself. Her performance was brutally honest, inspiring, and uplifting all at once. In short, she's an awesome, overachieving woman who makes me and every other 20-something feel like we haven't done a thing with our lives. She's been here for a while, and now she's here to stay.

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