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What to Watch Today, April 27th

Ya'll like premieres? Of course you do! There's some drama, a little reality, maybe some laughs today. Let's get into it!


Netflix just released the first season of this show this morning, and we are intrigued. Fatma is the story of a housemaid who commits a murder while looking for her missing husband, and realizes that, well, she's pretty good at that whole murder thing.


Written by critically acclaimed screenwriter Russell Lewis, Britbox'sGrace follows the life of Detective Roy Grace, who rises up from rock bottom in the search for several missing persons.

When Phillip Met Missy

Who doesn't love a good small town murder story? This documentary explores the true story of the confusing story of Phillip Snider and his wife Roberta. Where did Roberta go? Why does Phillip keep changing his story? Who the hell is Missy? Find out on Discovery+.

Kenan Finale

The finale of the NBC show Kenan, which follows the exploits of Kenan Thompson in a fictionalized world where he's a morning host in Atlanta and a single father.

We've had relatively positive reception for Kenan's foray into the world of the sitcom father so far, so let's hope for a season two!

Undercover Billionaire 

Even though Discovery+ got to be early to the party, episode three of the all new season of Undercover Billionaire premieres tonight on the Discovery Channel!

Give a billionaire $100 in a small town, force him to turn it into a million dollar company in 90 days. Time to see if they earned all that money!

Drug Kingpin Hippos

More from Discovery Channel! You've heard of Pablo Escobar, but what about his hippos? The drug kingpin probably has one of the most complicated legacies in history, but we recently got a new page in that story: his hippos.

Escobar was very fond of exotic animals, and had many shipped into Colombia during his reign as Cocaine King. Problem is, now he's dead, and there are a bunch of hippos loose in Colombia causing quite the problem.

Dubbed the "Cocaine Hippos" which is my new rap name, Discovery is giving us an intimate look at these misplaced animals tonight!

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