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What To Watch Tonight, April 19th

What To Watch Tonight, April 19th
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Tonight is the perfect night grab a friend and watch some reality TV and we have the list of shows!

Tonight everyone will have something to watch as we break down the list of shows from all genres. From reality shows to cartoons to true crime, tonight's list is on every scale. Here are the shows we recommend!

Midsomer Murders

Season 21 is on the way for the fan favorite British murder mystery show. Tonight premieres the flirt episode of the season with the remainder of the series coming to tv in the fall once the production finishes. From homicide, greed, blackmail and of course betrayal the series is packed with energy and anticipation. Watch episode one and two now on Acorntv.com.

The Secrets She Keeps

Two women who are very pregnant but one is stalking the others perfect life. Agatha is obsessed with Meghan Shaughnessy's life as an online influencer, but it might be more than just an obsession. You can be on the lookout for this drama filled series on AMC at 10pm ET.

American Dad

There is nothing like a cartoon comedy. Tonight is the premiere of American Dad's new season. The animated sitcom focuses on the all-American family who takes on everyday life with the dad who is a CIA agent. If you're ready for some laughs you need to watch this one. Watch it tonight on TBS Network.

Black Ink Crew

Season 9 of Black Ink Crew is starting tonight! The reality show of black ink artists and their daily dram-filled lives is returning to VH1. The clientele is filled with celebrities from hip-hop artists to professional athletes and New York cities urban elites. You can watch it tonight on VH1 at 8/7c.

Couples Retreat

Love is in the air as Yandy and Mendeecees host the show Couples Retreat where they invite their longtime friends on a vacation to reconnect, reflect and press reset on various stages of their relationships. You can watch this tonight on VH1 at 9/8c

Instruments of Peace: Faith on the Frontlines

Six frontline workers are set to share their stories along the way of the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Starting in April you can see in each episode how they each experience the pandemic. A story that will tug on your heart a little. You can watch on YouTube now at Our Daily Bread.

The Voice

Snoop Dog is taking over! The Voiceis bringing on Snoop Dog as a mentor on tonight episode of the knockout round. The hip-hop artist will be helping with advice and helping the artists as they go up for competition before heading to the live shows. You can watch tonight on NBC at 8/7c.

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