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'Toy Story 3' Turns Ten Today: Here Are Our Favorite Moments From The Film

The third film in the Toy Story franchise was released a decade ago today, and it still has Disney fans all in the feels.

Believe it or not, the iconic (and sad) third installment of Toy Story turns ten today. In honor of the anniversary, we're taking a look back at our top five favorite moments from the hit animated film.

We're Bustin' On Out Of Here!

The toys are masters at staying still or hiding while the daycare children are playing, and then coming to life when the children are distracted. Sneaking around really does have its perks. Honestly, can you blame them? Children at that age can be crazy sometimes. Woody knows this firsthand when he finds out through Chatter Telephone that children can reach a whole new level of crazy when toys are around - and when he finds out that the children are out to get his friends, Woody and Chatter Telephone form an alliance to save themselves from deep trouble.

It's Playtime!

Buzz, Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog and the gang are eager to get played with - but it doesn't go to plan. The daycare children really have their way with them. Can we talk about the moment where the two little girls put glitter and pasta on Hamm? That is true creativity. Or the moment that the girl in the brown braids dips Jessie the cowgirl in green paint and manages to use her as a paintbrush? These children are totally artists in the making.

Adventures With Barbie And Ken 

Barbie and Ken may be known as the ultimate couple goals, but it is not until she rips his favorite vintage jacket along with his favorite outfits that we get to see her true sassy side when she calls out Ken for his antics. You cannot help but to get up and dance as Ken dances to "Le Freak" by Chic while showing off some of his fancy outfits. Plus Barbie's reactions when Ken shows off his outfits are the definition of GOLDEN and we can't help but adore her cuteness along with her outspoken personality.

Playtime's Over, Folks

First off, can we talk about how HUGE Big Baby is? That is one huge toy - he's almost equivalent to the size of a sumo wrestler. There a lot of great things about this scene - Rex and Hamm fool Buzz into thinking that he can be saved (but Buzz quickly outsmarts them by getting out of the box himself). Also, Buzz turning into a whole new person after he quickly masters the Spanish language. In an unlikely twist of events, Buzz falls in love with Jessie at first sight and quickly charms her with his compliments; it is not until Big Baby notices the gang's intentions and tries to go after them that things take a sour turn. Thanks to the quick thinking of Woody and the gang, Big Baby goes back to the playground where he belongs - and the toys continue their mission of saving themselves (and each other) from Sunnyside Daycare. Talk about #friendshipgoals, right?

So Long, Partner

You can not tell me you watched this scene and didn't cry! Andy passes on a big part of his childhood to Bonnie, and it's so cute how Bonnie's face lights up when she receives the toys - especially Woody. But is there really a snake in Woody's boot? Nevertheless, the blossoming friendship between Andy and Bonnie is so adorable - look at how much they love the toys! Woody and the gang say "So long, partner." to Andy as he embarks on a new life, and we finally see the whole gang back together again - just like it should be.

Want to see the whole Toy Story franchise from the beginning? Find it all on Disney+.

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