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Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie Talk 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Premiere, Easter Eggs, and More​

We could listen to #AnthonyMackie and #SebastianStan talk all day long. Watch their SiriusXM interview here:

The two stars of Marvel's newest Disney+ series sat down with Julia Cunningham and Jess Cagle of SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Podcast to talk about the premiere of the show and much more.

A large audience takeaway from the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seemed to be that The Avengers don't get paid for what they do. Julia asked the men if they were surprised by the way audiences felt upon learning this. Anthony Mackie replied:

"Not really nothing about the internet surprises me anymore. Yeah. There's stuff that people find interesting. And I just learned what an "Easter egg" is. So it's just, it's a whole bunch of things going on that, that aren't surprising at all. "

Fair, but how can you be apart of the MCU and not know what an "easter egg" is? They're like the masters of them. Mackie continued:

"Yeah. Well, we don't go around saying, 'yo, you saw that "Easter egg" in scene...' I mean, that's not like a conversation you have as an actor."

Sebastian also backed him up:

"I think what he's trying to say is we try not to think as much about it as you think we do. I have like this weird thing to say. It's like a very strange thing, but we are actually not these characters. I mean, I know that's just, that's gotta be so interestingly fascinating to decipher it, but, but we're not these, these characters."

The boys also talked about the competition within the MCU, given the popularity of other shows like Wandavision and The Mandalorian. Mackie said:

"We throw it down, man. Now the problem is, you know, when Loki comes out, you know, you know, I mean. So there is competition within Marvel."

He later added:

"There is competition. I just, if they, I would want to see somebody do an algorithm or figure out if we were at a movie theater, how much money we would have made. Cause I know it would have been more than Tom Holland as Spider-Man."

The boys also addressed their friendship offset, as they seem pretty close. Stan confessed:

"I mean, I, you know, I try and tell him all the time, you know, it's like, I, you know, like he's been in so many movies that I've, that I've watched and I've loved and, and he's turned in performance after performance for a very long time... But maybe it's a protective nature that we also developed because we have been close and we we've gone down this path and now we have this thing and it worked out... But we're also aware of how we can keep laughing at each other. And at the whole thing, because it just goes by like that, you know what I mean? You can't take yourself too seriously. And he's definitely taught me that more.

They also talked shooting with costars like Danny Ramirez who plays Lieutenant Torres. Mackie recalled what working with him and others has been like:

"Actually it was, it was great. It was easy. We didn't have any problem people on this shoot. I don't, I don't remember a Marvel shoot we've had yet that I've been on where there was a problem person. I feel like all of us know that we're lucky and fortunate to be in these movies. I mean, we're artists and we create art and put it out in the ethos to be judged, criticized, and ripped apart and acting is the only profession where people can say, when they say they don't like it, they're saying they don't like you. So, you know, to have something that you put out there and, you know, people are gonna love it, enjoy it and eat it up and it's gonna break records."

Mackie and Stan also broke down a bit of an inside joke they have had going on, which includes Anthony pretending he likes to sleep on Sebastian's cough. Mackie said:

"So I say that to get Sebastian to invite me to his house. And he never will because he's sitting in there talking to his plants, being a curmudgeon and not, not doing anything with."

Stan replied:

"I'm not sure if you're aware, but there's a pandemic going on for a year and a half, but sort of, kind of preventing, you know, I sort of kept my couch a little people free, but, but yes, we are, we are due for a, for a couch date.

Mackie was just looking to isolate together!

For more, tune into SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham, available every Thursday on the SiriusXM app, Pandora, Stitcher, and wherever listeners access podcasts. SiriusXM subscribers can stream exclusive, original, and popular podcasts by visiting the SiriusXM mobile app or online at www.siriusxm.com/podcast2021.

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