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Premiere Recap and Fun Facts: Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Premiere Recap and Fun Facts: Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Last Friday, we got our first episode ofFalcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, and we've got a whole lot to unpack from the first episode!

WARNING: the following content contains spoilers

The Biggest Premiere Ever

The show blew all the other premieres out of the water, with Disney reporting that Captain Falcon and the Winter Solider beat out the first episode of Wandavisionand the season two premiere of The Mandalorianto become the highest rated premiere in the brief history of the platform.

Falcon Gives Up the Shield

The end of Endgame brought a lot of emotions to the table. None bigger than seeing Captain America retire his mantle and go back in time, to live a normal, happy life as Steve Rogers. But not before he passed his shield on to Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, to take up the mantle of Captain America.

But, in the series premiere, after a really, really cool helicopter fight, we saw Falcon retire the shield, and donate it to a museum in an effort to preserve the memory of Steve Rogers, rather than continue the legacy of Captain America.

Bucky's Having Problems

Our first view of the reformed Bucky Barnes, no longer in control of Hydra, is a nightmare, where he relives his actions as the mind-slave known as the Winter Solider. We see him deflect and lie to his therapist, and get an overall look at the lonely view of the life of Bucky Barnes. '

He's on a vendetta mission, hunting down the former Hydra members that made him perform the atrocities we saw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Home Problems

As Falcon comes back after five years of non-existence at the hands of Thanos, he grapples with the financial struggles faced by his family, and his desire to keep his family's business afloat.

Meanwhile, Bucky's nightmares have revealed that he murdered the son of his only friend, an old man named Yori, while he was the Winter Soldier.

And while all that is happening...

A New Captain America?!

We've got a brand, spanking new Captain America, directly against the wishes of Sam and Steve. Who is he? Where did he come from? Is he evil? Good? Stupid? Who knows, we only saw one shot of him, but we can't wait for this Friday to find out.

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