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Steve & Leanne Ford Spill On Their New HGTV Show, 'Home Again With The Fords'

Steve & Leanne Ford Spill On Their New HGTV Show, 'Home Again With The Fords'

The Fords siblings' ultimate goal is to transform the lives of their customers through renovation and home flipping and they're bringing that love back home to Pittsburgh on HGTV's 'Home Again With The Fords.'

After A Very Brady Renovation, siblings Steve and Leanne Ford return home to Pittsburgh, flipping the homes of individuals who are also moving back.

'Home Again With The Fords' 🏠

Home Again With The Fords brings back the sibling duo on a mission to renovate Pittsburgh homes for families.

Steve Ford describes the series:

"Well, this year we are more focused on homes of people that are moving back to Pittsburgh, so it's pretty exciting to see them move into a family home member or a house that they wanted as a child."

Leanna Ford adds on, chatting about her return to her home turf:

"Everybody calls it the boomerang. I mean, Pittsburgh, we leave then we all come back."

Straight Out of 'A Very Brady Renovation' 📺

The two were recently in Studio City, California renovating the iconic home of The Brady Bunch (1969-1974) in A Very Brady Renovation (2019).

Steve Ford looked back on the incredible experience:

"I grew up watching the Brady's, so when Leanne and I were standing in their front yard of the Brady house getting ready to start filming that show, we both looked at each other and we're like, 'What is going on here?'"

Leanne also joined in, saying:

"We were looking at the Brady kids in total shock that we were able to work with them."

The Ford's Passion For Renovation ❤️

The Ford's dreams are turning to reality with their success on HGTV.

Leanne opened up the pair's genuine love for what they do:

"The Fords, we are too empathetic I think, so any time we see tears from them, I always look at Steve, Steve's got tears coming, so there's a couple times we both get choked up."

Steve Ford also discussed the change in format with their new show, Home Again With The Fords.

"We went from a half hour to an hour, so that you'll get to see more of that customer experience, how they feel when they come into their home, what they want, how we get them what they want."

Home Again With The Fords airs Tuesday nights on HGTV.

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