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Tamara Day Transforms Incredible Homes On HGTV's 'Bargain Mansions'

Finding mansions at bargain prices? Count us in.

If someone were able to give you a mansion at a bargain price, would you take it? I think we can all agree that's not a hard question to answer. That's what HGTV's Bargain Mansions is all about, and Tamara Day is hosting a whole new season starting tonight, November 9th.

As Tamara said, today is the day for the new season of Bargain Mansions to begin! Viewers will get to see Tamara working on fixing up mansions with her dad in Kansas City. Tamra owes her success to no one but her hard work and passion, as she didn't even study what her current career is. She said:

"I'm self taught, I don't have a degree in design or construction - I have a communications degree. I just loved design, and it was one of those things I just found myself constantly doing. This little project here and this little project here, until people wanted to pay me to do little projects for them."

Tamara also mentioned how thankful the Bargain Mansions team is to have the ability to keep shooting despite the recent pandemic:

"I feel so blessed and fortunate that we've been able to keep working and stay safe and be one of the lucky ones that does get to keep working."

You can watch the bargain hunter every Monday on HGTV starting tonight.

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