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SNL Recap: Carey Mulligan Is Quite The Promising Young Comedian

SNL Recap: Carey Mulligan Is Quite The Promising Young Comedian

Carey Mulligan

Host Carey Mulligan and musical guest Kid Cudi took on 'SNL' tackling important issues, while also creating hilarious bits and new songs for fans to enjoy.

Carey Mulligan of Promising Young Woman (2020) and Grammy nominated rapper Kid Cudi starred in this past Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live (1975-).

Cold Open: "Minnesota News"

This past week's episode of SNL opened with "Minnesota News" where news anchors (Ego Nwodim, Kenan Thompson) talks about the intense amount of events happening in the world right now, particularly the Derek Chauvin trial. Their peers (Kate McKinnon, Alex Moffat) carefully choose their words with the weatherman (Chris Redd) reluctantly finding the middle ground.

Aside their differences, all of the anchors pay tribute to the losses of Prince Phillip and rapper DMX.

Carey Mulligan Monologue

In a hot pink suit, Oscar nominated actress Carey Mulligan enters the main stage and talks about quarantining with her family marking her latest visit to Banana Republic as a big moment in her life.

From the audience, Mulligan's husband Marcus Mumford of Rock Band Mumford & Sons tries to hilariously butt in on Mulligan's big night to which Mulligan refers to him as

"that guy who takes his acoustic guitar out at a party."

"What’s Wrong with This Picture 2021"

"What's Wrong with This Picture" is an SNL skit series in which host Elliott Pants (Kenan Thompson) asks contestants what's wrong with a group of images. This episode's contestants (Carey Mulligan, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd) struggle to guess the correct answer producing a series of punchy one-liners.

"IBS Medicine Ad"

Tremfalta is a pill that helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a medicine that is introduced to Mulligan's character a little too late. After an intense moment in the bathroom leading to the halt of her son's band performance, Mulligan threatens her husband (Mikey Day) and a fellow mom (Lauren Holt) who know she is the culprit of the bathroom massacre.

"Study Buddy"

Awkward teen flirting is at its prime in "Study Buddy" where a teen (Kate McKinnon) tries to impress their crush (Carey Mulligan) during a study session, calling on their friend Jason (Aidy Bryant) for horrible flirting advice that surprisingly wins the crush over.

"Weird Little Flute"

SNL original songs are never beat. This week's featured Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Chris Redd rapping about their favorite instrument: the flute. With a sick beat and cameo from heartthrob Timothée Chalamet, the song assures the band kids are where it's at.

Kid Cudi: "Tequila Shots"

Kid Cudi's first performance was of "Tequila Shots" (2020) off the new album Man on the Moon III: The Chosen (2020).

Weekend Update

Weekend Update tackled the headlines of last week referring to politician Matt Gaetz as,

"all the guys from American Pie combined"

and President Joe Biden as the pro-gun control Clint Eastwood.

Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che got a visit from acclaimed musician Bruce Springsteen (Beck Bennett) and Former President Barack Obama (Chris Redd) who recently started a podcast together.

The two show that two interesting people put into one room may not be the perfect recipe for an intriguing dynamic. With conversation topics going to as wild as Sprite, the two have quite the riveting conversation.

Che goes on to to advocate for vaccines in response to Will.i.am's new mask and Starbucks' new "Borrow a Cup" program.

ESPN analyst Paul Pierce was recently fired after filming himself at a party surrounded by strippers on Instagram live. One of the strippers, Pineapple (Punkie Johnson), made an appearance to the Update table listing reasons as to why Paul Pierce deserves justice.

The guests just kept coming with the iceberg that sank the Titanic (Bowen Yang) stopping by to discuss his new album on the anniversary of the Titanic sinking. It was clear the iceberg was not there to talk sinking, but decided to speak his truth on that fateful night ending his time with a sneak peek of his Hyperpop EDM New Disco Fantasia song, "Lover Boy."

"'Star Trek' Spin-Off"

"Star Trek Spin-Off" takes place before the events of Star Trek (1966-1969) with two crew mates (Carey Mulligan, Mikey Day) testing the patience of the other members on board, refusing to notice their privilege.

"Lesbian Period Drama"

From the creators of Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) and The Favourite (2018) is this year's Lesbian piece, Lesbian Period Drama. With Academy Award winning glance choreography and a Best Supporting Actress Nomination for The Wind, the piece navigates the relationship of two lesbians (Carey Mulligan, Heidi Gardner) via few words and loads of sad flirting.

"The War in Words: Bertie and Mary"

"The War in Words: Bertie and Mary" follows a History Channel documentary during World War II revealing a series of letters written by a separated military couple, Bertie (Mikey Day) and Mary (Carey Mulligan) that progressively get more peculiar as murder and a dinner with Nazis may have been admitted.

Kid Cudi: "Sad People"

Kid Cudi returns to perform "Sad People" (2020) off of Man on the Moon III: The Chosen (2020).


An after-school rap group Beat Buddies (Alex Moffat, Andrew Dismukes, Ego Nwodim, Heidi Gardner) are interrupted by two business women (Carey Mulligan, Aidy Bryant) looking to sell a line of pantyhose.

Good Nights

The night commenced with the traditional good nights where Mulligan gave a thanks to the cast, crew, musical guest Kid Cudi, and her loving husband Marcus Mumford.

If you missed it, make sure to check out the episode on Peacock now.

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