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Why does Netflix's new series Bling Empire have the whole world watching? In this week's Reality Reel, we dissect just what is so captivating about the lives of these extremely wealthy Asian Americans.

#BlingEmpire Makes A Splash! ✨

After the film Crazy Rich Asians took the world by storm in 2018, it was clear we needed to see more of this lifestyle!

Netflix's new reality show, Bling Empire ,gives us just that by showing off the real lives of wealthy Asian Americans living in Los Angeles.

One of the show's stars, Kelly Mi Li, gave us some insight on filming the new show:

"People are like..
'Do you guys really have these parties?'
I'm like... absolutely! With or without cameras, the drama, these parties, it's going down!"

The show also highlights inclusivity and brings more diversity into the reality TV show scene.

"We're not just trying to make a show for Asian people or the Asian community. It's really a show for everybody. They're gonna see moments that are very relatable and hopefully they can learn a little bit about the Asian culture."

Bling Empire is streaming now on Netflix.

#MyFeetAreKillingMe Picks Up A Second Season! 🦶

Returning for its second season is fan-favorite My Feet Are Killing Me!

We caught up with the doctors ahead of the premiere.

Dr. Brad Schaeffer shared:

"Anytime you have a TV show or something and try to showcase what you do, not only as a person but for me as a profession with podiatry, just getting that picked up for another season is extremely humbling and I'm very excited."

Dr. Ebonie Vincent continued:

"We take the emotional journey with our patients too. We definitely want to do the best job possible for our patients and we're rooting for them!"

You can catch the season premiere of My Feet Are Killing Me January 25th on TLC.

#LittleWomenAtlanta Returns! 📺

Last but not least, Little Women Atlanta is back for its sixth season with new episodes starting January 29th!

Follow the women as they endure some serious realities, such as paying tribute to co-star Minnie who recently passed away and joining the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

You can watch the women Fridays on Lifetime!

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