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Shows To Watch For Fans Of 'Young Sheldon'

Young Sheldon

Check out Watchworthy's best television recommendations for fans of 'Young Sheldon.'

The Big Bang Theory may be over but Dr. Cooper lives on in Young Sheldon. Ranker.com tells us about season four and other watch-worthy television shows.

Season four of Young Sheldon is appearing on CBS this week. The season three finale of the hit Big Bang Theory spinoff was supposed to feature Sheldon Cooper's high school graduation. However, COVID-19 had a different set of plans and forced the studio to shut down before the segment could be filmed.

After the premiere, how will Sheldon superfans keep themselves entertained while they wait for new episodes to appear? Watchworthy has what to watch recommendations that fans of Young Sheldon are statistically more likely to love.

'Mom' on CBS

Mom starring Anna Faris and Oscar winner Allison Janney is a show about a single mother's commitment to sobriety being put to the test when her own estranged mother decides she wants back in her daughter's life. The hilarious, yet heartwarming show highlights how tough it is to be a perfect parent, especially when your own parents were not so perfect themselves.

ABC's 'Black-ish'

Black-ish is another family sitcom that recently premiered their latest season. The show follows the Johnson's, a black family raising their kids in a predominantly white neighborhood. Critics adore the show for its ability to handle serious topics such as race in America, while maintaining a bright, optimistic tone. Like the Big Bang Theory, Black-ish has spawned some successful spinoffs including both Mixed-ish and Grown-ish.

'Bob's Burgers' on FOX

Bob's Burgers is not only the name of this show, but the small business that Bob Belcher must juggle, along with the demands of his eccentric wife and children. Though the Belcher kids are not great prodigies like Sheldon, they still manage to drive their parents, teachers, and entire hometown crazy.

If you're a fan of Young Sheldon, you've got three new shows to check out as you wait for new episodes of season four to arrive. Make sure to download the Watchworthy app for even more TV recommendations. With Watchworthy, you'll spend more time watching and less time searching.

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