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Action Star Scott Adkins Talks 'Legacy of Lies'

Action Star Scott Adkins Talks 'Legacy of Lies'
Legacy of Lies | Official Trailer [HD] (Scott Adkins)

The Action Star Breaks Down His New Movie

British actor, Scott Adkins, has had supporting roles in blockbusters like Doctor Strange and The Bourne Ultimatum...now he's front and center as the star of the new movie: Legacy of Lies.

Our Hollywood Insider, Arthur Kade, recently spoke with him about the film...

Legacy of Lies on DVD and Digital

Scott Adkins doesn't just play a martial arts expert in the movies...he's also one in real life!

Now Scott is really getting to show his skills in the new action thriller, Legacy of Lies.

Scott plays a former MI6 agent who teams up with a journalist to uncover Russian secrets, while also trying to protect his daughter at home.

As a trained gymnast and martial artist, Scott isn't easily impressed when it comes to Hollywood action stars, but he does have a few favorites:

"Halle Berry in John Wick and Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde."

But the man he reserves the most praise for?

"you've gotta say Keanu Reeves I think, cuz he's done it the most. He busted the door wide open with The Matrix. And now that he's doing the John Wick films and he also directed Man of Tai Chi, which is a martial arts film. You gotta tip your hat to Keanu Reeves as the guy that does it the best."

And when it comes to his own success and huge social media following? Scott has a simple theory:

"the thing about action films is they travel well. So, you don't need subtitles to understand what's happening when somebody's punching someone in the face."

You can see Scott do a lot of punching when Legacy of Lies hits DVD and Digital starting July 28th.

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