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(VIDEO) SNL Alum And 'Woke' Star Sasheer Zamata On Her New Film 'Spree'

SNL Alum Sasheer Zamata On Her New Film 'Spree' | Celebrity Page

Former SNL Star Has Two New Projects

Sasheer Zamata made us laugh on SNL. Now she's making us scream in her new movie. Here's her interview with our Hollywood Insider Arthur Kade...

Sasheer Zamata in Spree and Woke

Sasheer Zamata burst onto the scene, playing icons like Michelle Obama and Beyoncé on Saturday Night Live.

Now she's on the big screen, taking on a killer ride-share driver in the new horror comedy Spree.

In the film, Stranger Things' Joe Keery is trying to become a social media star at any cost, even if it means murdering his passengers. When speaking with Kade, Zamata shared inside details of the new film:

"My character is Jesse Adams, she's a stand up comedian, and she has really built a career on social media. She's now analyzing how that plays a role in her life and what is taken away from her life."

The film co-stars David Arquette, Frankie Grande and Mischa Barton and is out now in some movie theaters and On Demand.

Also look for Sasheer in the new comedy Woke, starting today on Hulu.

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