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New Reality TV Shows Coming To Screens: 'Welcome To Plathville,' 'Country Ever After' & More!

The reality shows you are going to want to start watching right now!

We caught up with some of the stars of these new and returning reality shows on TLC, Netflix and Oxygen.

'Welcome to Plathville' Returns For Season Two 📺

Welcome to Plathville is returning for a second season on TLC!

This show follows a family of eleven living in rural Georgia. Barry and Kim Plath have raised their children in a very strict home that is isolated from the modern world. Micah and Moriah Plath chatted with Advocate Channel on their decision to leave isolation and face the real world.

Micah shared:

"It's a very good experience. Like going at 17 and 19 was when me and Ryan moved out. That's kind of young to move out and be solely independent."

Moriah said:

"If it can help some other teenage girl that is just as lost as I am right now and help her find her way a little bit more then my mistakes and my hard, you know, hard times that I've gone through and all the struggles and learning would be worth it."

Catch the Plath family's drama starting November 10th on TLC.

'Country Ever After' Premieres On Netflix 👢

Country Ever After is Netflix's newest reality show following country singer, Coffey Anderson, and his hip-hop dancer, Criscilla Anderson. We spoke with Coffey Anderson about the new show:

"'Country Ever After' came in to record our story. They didn't push any narratives. They didn't do any of that stuff. They wanted to get us, which I love and reality is enough. You don't need to add anything to it, it's enough and people know if it's real or not."

The show also shows us Criscilla's battle with cancer.

"So she is stage four because the cancer moved from her colon to her lymph nodes but we're still optimistic."

Watch this wholesome family's every day life battles and successes streaming now on Netflix.

'The Real Murders of Orange County' Premieres On Oxygen 🍊

The Real Murders of Orange County is a new true crime show coming to Oxygen. Geoff Boucher gave us a sneak peek into the show. He said:

"From a distance, Orange County seems like suburban paradise, but the closer you get, the more you see that all those things that can bring out the worst in people."

New episodes start this Sunday, November 8th, on Oxygen.

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