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The Most Memorable Celebrity Food Collabs

The Most Memorable Celebrity Food Collabs

We have seen some interesting collabs between restaurants and celebrities in these past couple years. Let's take a look back at some of the most notable collabs to hit the menu.

Travis Scott x McDonalds

This collab marked the big return of McDonalds' partnerships with celebrities as the Travis Scott Meal sold-out in many locations nationwide. The meal was very popular due to the rapper but also because it was a fantastic price and cheaper than all of the other combo meals.

We saw Travis release a ton of merch along with the meal and these pants, shoes, hoodies, etc. were very difficult to find as they were in short supply and sold out very quickly. Travis started a mini-movement as social media was mobbed with memes, videos, and pictures about the collab.

We saw many trends on how to order the meal, things such as saying: "Cactus Jack sent me", "sicko mode", "it's lit", and "you know why I'm here" with Travis Scott's music blasting in the background.

This collab was definitely a cultural reset and we've seen many celebrities work with McDonalds since as a result. But don't forget, Travis was the first since the 90's!

Michael Jordan x McDonalds

McDonalds always has had celebrities in commercials and countless toy collaborations with people, but Jordan was the first to get his own meal. The McJordan was offered at select locations in the Chicago area in 1992.

This meal did not necessarily shut down social media, however many in the area did go crazy over the burger as locations tried to keep up with demand around Chicago. This collab also changed the nature of restaurant and celebrity relationships because it became more and more popular with sports stars, movie stars, and celebrities in general to have business relationships in the food industry.

Charli D'Amelio x Dunkin'

The biggest Tik Tok star in the world capitalized on her Dunkin' obsession by collaborating with the brand for a pair of drinks named after her as well as some merchandise.

Charli D'Amelio has a gigantic following on all social media platforms and her fanbase has only grown overtime. Dunkin' benefitted from this greatly as their app saw record-breaking numbers on the first day that the collab was active.

Charli's fans really came through and it was interesting to see how the numbers grew the most on the Dunkin' app rather than anywhere else. We will probably see some more Dunkin' collabs in the future and maybe Charli will strike a deal with some other big names in the food industry.

Ringo Starr x Pizza Hut

The Beatles star broke the internet when he was in this Pizza Hut commercial in 1995. Starr had so many different allergies to the pizza ingredients that he actually could not eat the meal he was promoting.

Pizza Hut made history with this funny commercial and the fact that Ringo could not eat the food only drew more attention. That Beatles fame really helped the first Pizza Hut stuffed crust, it's still around today!

Miley Cyrus x Chipotle

Miley was gaining a lot of attention on Tik Tok as people kept posting and commenting "if Miley comments, I'll (fill in the blank)". This trend saw Miley comment on random posts that led to people getting tattoos, pets, married, etc.

Chipotle could not resist and joined the trend with a post saying "if miley cyrus comments we'll make a miley burrito in our app". Of course Miley commented and the infamous "Guac Is Extra But So Is Miley Burrito" was born.

This burrito was available through the Chipotle app for a limited time and fans went crazy over the order. The order was not as cheap as some of the other collabs we have seen on this list and it was not nearly as planned as the others, but this was Chipotle's first big step in working with celebrities.

We since have seen the company collab with Sean Mendes for his customized bowl order and we can't wait to see who else gets to work with our favorite burrito brand.

BTS x McDonalds

Sorry but McDonalds is back on the list with their most recent collab with the biggest boy band in the world. BTS has been destroying records and making history in the music industry for a couple of years now so it was no surprise to anyone when they were granted their own McDonalds meal and special sauces.

Similar to the band's music videos, the commercial blew up online and has been viewed over 11 million times just on Youtube. McDonalds has been having great success with celebrity deals and this last deal with BTS is undoubtedly the most popular as the BTS Army always shows up for their boys.

Mulan x McDonalds x Rick and Morty

Mulanand McDonalds had a traditional collaboration that involved toys and other movie-based items for the original release of the animated film in 1998. This collaboration brought along a new sauce called szechuan sauce, which was apparently very popular with the creators of the animated series Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

The show had some random lines about the sauce and how Rick was craving it which led to a lot of free marketing for McDonalds; crazy Rick and Morty fans across the nation were losing it over the sauce.

McDonalds also sent huge jugs of the sauce to the creators which got the whole community talking about the return of the szechuan sauce. This eventually led to McDonalds bringing the sauce back for one day, however they did not properly account for the show's popularity and fans were outraged at the shortage.

With rioting occurring across the nation, McDonalds made a statement on Twitter about bringing the sauce back in the winter when they have it properly stocked. This sure was a very memorable collab gone bad, if you can even call it that.

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