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Exclusive Look: Olivia Colman Narrates Groundbreaking New Series 'Becoming You'

Apple TV+ is taking audiences on an extraordinary journey by following 100 children from ten countries around the world.

'Becoming You' First Look 📺

Here's an all new glimpse at living in different countries around the world.

Becoming You is the latest series to premiere on Apple TV+.

The new show takes a fascinating look at child development and how the first 2000 days on Earth shape the rest of our lives.

Narrated by The Crown star, Olivia Colman, cameras follow 100 children from ten countries around the globe and bringing a unique glimpse at how children of all nationalities learn to think, speak and move from birth to five-years-old.

The breathtaking series offers a new sense of reality by learning how children develop with so many similarities and at the same time, with such different traditions, customs and cultures.

In the exclusive clip above, the audience is introduced to a precocious three-year-old named RuRu.

Ruru sets out into the bustling streets of Tokyo on a rite of passage called "the first errand." He is tasked with traversing the city for the first time on his own, alone, to pick up a meal for his family.

While this may seem like a dangerous journey to many, this is actually a tradition that RuRu has been on track to perform since he was born.

Audiences can watch more incredible and fascinating stories around the world on Becoming You, premiering exclusively today on Apple TV+.

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