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New Movies You Can Start Watching Right Now

New Movies You Can Start Watching Right Now

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A new year, a whole new set of movies. CPTV Hollywood Insider Arthur Kade is talking to the stars of three newly released films.

'Chasing the Rain'

Actor Matt Lanter best known for roles in the 90210 reboot and the voice of Attican in Star Wars: The Clone Wars is now starring in the dramatic film Chasing the Rain.

The star shares all the details with Kade.

"It's about a guy who is trying to help with the water crisis in Africa and runs into obstacles of his own and struggles with physical health and just an emotional loneliness. It's about being human and about the emotions that we experience at our lowest points."

Chasing the Rain is available now.

'Hunter Hunter'

If you're looking for suspense, actor Devon Sawa does battle with a wolf in the new thriller Hunter Hunter.

The star shares:

"It's about a family that lives out in the forest. The father is not willing to adapt and the mother needs to adapt for the daughter. So they're dealing with all that and then they walk into this whole new world and things kind of change."

Hunter Hunter is out now.

'If Not Now, When?'

Finally, there is the new drama If Not Now, When? Actresses Meagan Good and Tamara Bass make their co-directorial debuts.

Bass describes the movie as a "love story."

"A love story amongst these four women who have known each other since high school."

Good adds:

"It's like a call back to the films that I had when I was a teenager girl, seeing 'Waiting to Exhale,' 'The Women of Brewster Planes,' and 'Set it Off' and these films where I had never seen women of color who look like me that I could identify with.
If Not Now, When? is in theaters now.

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