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Hollywood Insider: Netflix's Newest Animated Film 'Over The Moon'

Netflix's Newest Animated Film Is Out Now!

We spoke to the A-list cast of Over The Moon, Netflix's newest animated film that celebrates Chinese culture.

Over The Moon is voiced by Ken Jeong, Margaret Cho, Sandra Oh, Phillipa Soo, Cathy Ang and many more Asian-American actors. Our very own Hollywood insider Arthur Kade spoke to the cast.

Over The Moonis a musical brought to us by former Disney artist Glen Keane who won an Oscar with Kobe Bryant in 2018 for their animated short film Dear Basketball. Arthur asked the cast what it was like working with Keane.

Ken Jeong, who is the voice of Gobi, said:

"Oh, it was one of the best experiences of my career."

Margaret Cho, the voice of Auntie Ling, said:

"Glen really is a master at getting the performance from you."

'Over The Moon' Trailer

Cathy Ang is an up and coming actress who is voicing the lead character Fei Fei. She told us:

"It is about this young Chinese girl who decides to face the impossible and build a rocket ship to the moon, even though she's only 12 years old, to meet a goddess, the moon goddess Chang'e, who will wow your socks off."

The moon goddess is played by Hamilton star Phillipa Soo. She said:

"They took such care in making sure that all of these characters were fully realized and authentic and it's really beautiful to see."

Over The Moon is giving Asian Americans a lot representation not only by having a fully Asian cast but also by teaching viewers more about the Chinese culture. Kimiko Glenn, the voice of Auntie Mei, is especially proud of this representation.

"I've been, you know, saying this since I started acting there just aren't enough Asian faces and I'm always so supportive of the representation that's happening, that's why I just love being a part of this movie."

Netflix and the cast and creator of Over The Moon have been bringing viewers "Build Your Dreams Week" over their Instagram account. They are hosting a 5-day activity series where director Glen Keane is teaching us how to draw a character from the film, Cathy Ang is teaching us how to sing "Rocket Over The Moon" and how to build a backyard bottle-rocket, they are also teaching us how to tell a story and so much more.

Over The Moon is streaming now on Netflix.

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