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Kick Off Your Fall Binge Guide With 'New Amsterdam,' 'Goliath' & 'Dan Brown's Lost Symbol'

Looking for your next series to binge?

New Amsterdam On NBC 💉

New Amsterdam is back!

The medical drama has returned for its fourth season as the hospital tries to get back to normal after battling the pandemic.

Tyler Labine opened up on the positive themes seen throughout the new episodes.

"People in general want some more joy and the whole thrust of season four is more joy. I'm stoked on that because it's a joyful environment. We shot in a really challenging environment last year, and it's still challenging, we're still following protocol, but you know, the world is starting to feel a little bit of relief and I think it's time to reflect that in the show as well," Labine said.

New Amsterdam airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

Goliath On Prime Video 🦁

Also returning for its fourth season is the Amazon series, Goliath.

The legal drama dropped its fourth and final season with an all-star cast that includes Oscar winners Billy Bob Thornton and J.K. Simmons.

Brandon Scott, who plays Robert Bettencourt in the series, chatted about the show coming to an end.

"Everyone was so warm and welcoming and really collaborative, which is always awesome. My only complaint is that maybe they need ten more seasons," Scott said.

Tania Raymonde, who stars as Brittany Gold, discussed how different season four is from the others.

"This season is the best send off for Goliath ever, and it's a whole new story. This is my favorite season of all," Raymonde said.

All seasons, including season four, are available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol On Peacock 🔎

Spinning off of the hit film The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown's story of Robert Langdon continues with this Peacock original series.

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol features Langdon in his new mission of solving deadly puzzles.

Ashley Zukerman, who stars as the new Robert Langdon, touched on the show's unique route of continuing the story.

"I think what's great is that even though this is the first book of the series, we're using it as an origin story. That was just a nice process that I could sort of unravel him a little bit, make him a little less fully-formed," Zukerman said.

The cast also shared their excitement and hopes for the series.

"The fans get ten hours of this story instead of two," Valorie Curry said.

"Because we have this great series format this time, we can actually delve into the characters and the characters around Langdon so much more," Sumalee Montano said.

"My wife read all the books, so to be something that I know, to be in something that I know she's gonna be excited to watch because she's attached to it as well... is pretty cool," Rick Gonzalez said.

"We can go into straight, into more depth, in-depth looks at different parts of the story and invent things that the show runners have invented and added to what Dan Brown has created, so I think they'll enjoy the journey," Eddie Izzard said.

Dan Brown'sThe Lost Symbol are currently available to stream on Peacock.

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