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Become A Mixologist! 'The Garden Las Vegas' Shows How To Create A Tasty Moscow Mule

Bars closed in your city? Staying inside until this pandemic is over? Learn how to create your own Moscow mule from the pros at home!

'The Garden Las Vegas' Opens In The Arts District 🌈

The Garden Las Vegas is a brand new LGBTQ bar in Las Vegas' famous Arts District. The bar originally had an opening date of March 2020, but with the ongoing pandemic, the new hotspot had to switch gears and host a soft launch in June.

Now, The Garden is keeping its doors open despite opening in the middle of a pandemic. The bar is able to stay open while following strict rules under Nevada's Phase One policies to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Our Social Producer Ricky Cornish spoke with The Garden's owner, Eduardo Cordova, on the challenges he faced opening the bar:

"I was here for two months every day just wondering what's going to happen to this place," Cordova said.
"Now I'm just grateful for everyday that we're open. Everybody's welcome here! Even though it's LGBT-tailored, we welcome everybody with open arms, making sure everybody's safe. I love seeing the response from the people that are coming in and they just love the space, and for me, that makes it worth it."

Although he's excited to have guests check out his new bar, Cordova is encouraging people to go at their own pace.

"If you go out, be safe. If you're not ready, it's OK! Take your time. Make a cocktail and have your own happy hour at home."

Speaking of making your own cocktail at home...

Creating Your Own Drink - The Moscow Mule 🍺

If you're staying at home to air on the side of caution, then here's the perfect opportunity to make a tasty drink for yourself.

Gerry Haro works as a bartender at The Garden and he's showing Ricky how to make a signature Moscow mule!

All you need is vodka, lime juice, ice and ginger beer. Check out the video above to see how to make it yourself!

For more information on The Garden Las Vegas, visit their website.

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