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Lady Gaga and Oreo Have Created The Ultimate 'Chromatica' Cookie

Lady Gaga and Oreo Have Created The Ultimate 'Chromatica' Cookie

Oreo X Lady Gaga

The multiple Platinum selling artist Lady Gaga has collaborated with Oreo to create her own twist on the beloved treat.

Lady Gaga and Oreo have created a pink sandwich cookie with green creme and Chromatica decor that truly makes this dessert her own.

A Different Design

Gaga and the team at Oreo decided to extract away from the classic Oreo design and cover the new sandwich cookies in hearts and the Chromatica brand. The cookie is also a pink golden cookie with a green creme filling.

The packaging is metallic pink with a transparent slit that shows the content inside. Oreo and Lady Gaga's names are both shown on the cover of the packaging.

Koji's Stamp of Approval

Lady Gaga confirmed the rumors through a video posted to her social media. In the video, Gaga and her furry friend Koji rip through the package to show the authenticity of the cookies.

Release Date

Although there is no official release date, the cookies are confirmed to come out sometime January 2021, already starting off the new year to a great start!

If you are interested in keeping updated with the collaboration, check out the Lady Gaga x Oreo Stan Club: https://www.ladygagaoreostanclub.com/

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